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  • Application Integration
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  • Business Intelligence
  • Healthcare
  • Payroll & Pensions
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  • Fast Track Check-in
  • Optimising Patient Workflow
  • Reduce Operational Costs
  • Updated Patient Demographics
  • Patient Call Displays
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  • Secure SMS Service
  • Fast, Direct and Reliable
  • Reduce Communication Costs
  • Interface with Other Systems
  • Contacts Management
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Ireland's new postcode system Eircode launched on 13th July 2015.

As an Approved Provider, Grapevine are uniquely positioned to help your business and customers benefit from using Eircode.
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  • Patient Self Service
  • Application Integration
  • Business Intelligence
  • HL7 Messaging
  • Custom Solutions
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ERA – Employee Retirement Administration

ERA, Grapevine’s new Employee Retirement Administration product is an innovative solution that allows Payroll, HR or Pensions Administration staff to automatically produce Pension Benefit Statements for their employees. ERA was designed and developed with the assistance and expertise of senior pension administration staff within An Post, Ireland's national postal service.

ERA can be used by small, medium or large organizations to calculate pension entitlements and automatically generate pension benefit statements for their employees quickly, accurately and on demand.

ERA supports the production of both annual statements and ad-hoc statement requests from employees. ERA will enable companies to meet their statutory pensions requirements as defined by the Irish Pensions Board.

ERA can be customized to cater for different pension calculation rules, statement formats and specific payroll, HR and pensions information.

ERA’s key features include:
  • Web application for administration and management of employee information and production of benefit statements.
  • Automatic calculation of pension entitlements and generation of pension benefit statements.
  • Management of employee service and payment information required for pension entitlement calculations.
  • Production of benefit statements in PDF format which are stored securely within the ERA database and not on disk.
  • Interface to existing Payroll and HR systems to retrieve service and payment information.
Future product features will include:
  • Support for additional statements.
  • Electronic delivery of statements by email.
  • Feature to upload and securely store other employee pension related documents.
  • Role based security access to application functions.
  • Web service to provide individual benefit statements to other applications.

Click here for further information on ERA. To learn how it can help to solve your Pension Benefit Statement problems, please contact Grapevine Solutions on 01-6218004 or email

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HAPPI (History & Archiving for Payroll & Personnel Information) was developed by Grapevine Solutions to meet the needs of organisations that generate large volumes of payroll, pensions and personnel information, and who need to retain this historical information for future use.

HAPPI is a scalable data warehouse that stores unlimited volumes of archived payroll, pensions and hr information. HAPPI can be customised to meet specific client requirements and is suitable for most Payroll, Pensions and HR systems.

The key product components include:
  • Database Archive with unlimited data capacity
  • Standard Pension, Payroll, HR & Operational Reports
  • Retrospective Payment Calculation Module
  • Pensions Service & Benefits Module
  • Data Protection or other Regulatory requirements.

HAPPI includes a comprehensive set of data structures for storing most Payroll, Pensions and HR data as outlined below, and can be customised for non-standard data requirements.


Read HAPPI Product Overview.

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Regulator32 is a feature rich product that enables organisations to electronically capture employee time sheet information at source and update this to a central database server.

Regulator32 contains the following key functions:
  • Database archive with unlimited data storage
  • Windows client and administrator applications
  • Role based security model and data access
  • Monitor remote data-entry progress
  • Customisable data entry screens
  • Batch Generation module for Payroll payment files
  • Operational and Audit reports
  • Multi-user system

Read Regulator32 Product Overview.

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