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  • Patient Self Service
  • Application Integration
  • Business Intelligence
  • HL7 Messaging
  • Custom Solutions
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  • Application Integration
  • Enterprise Messaging
  • Business Intelligence
  • Healthcare
  • Payroll & Pensions
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  • Fast Track Check-in
  • Optimising Patient Workflow
  • Reduce Operational Costs
  • Updated Patient Demographics
  • Patient Call Displays
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  • Secure SMS Service
  • Fast, Direct and Reliable
  • Reduce Communication Costs
  • Interface with Other Systems
  • Contacts Management
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Ireland's new postcode system Eircode launched on 13th July 2015.

As an Approved Provider, Grapevine are uniquely positioned to help your business and customers benefit from using Eircode.
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Patient Self Service Check-in

Patient Self-Service technology revolutionises how healthcare providers connect and interact with patients. By automating routine interactions such as Patient Check-ins, Patient Calling and Flow management your staff can focus more on caring for patients.

Enlighten Professional Jayex's next generation Patient Self-Service solution contains a wide range of features such as Fast Track Check-in, Support for 47 languages, Update patient details and customised questionnaires.

Learn more about Patient Self-Service

Defero – Patient Appointment Reminders

The impact of missed appointments costs the healthcare industry millions of euro each year, prolongs waiting lists, ties up hospital resources and reduces the number of patients a hospital can treat each day.

Patient Appointment Reminders reduce the number of no-shows for appointments, providing an immediate return on investment. Our enterprise messaging system, Defero, allows timely, direct communication with patients and staff to minimise missed appointments, improve efficiency and reduce administration costs.

Learn more about Patient Appointment Reminders

HealthShare – Connected Health Solutions

The vision behind InterSystems HealthShare is simple: To transform care by sharing information and connecting communities. We call this strategic interoperability.

HealthShare is a family of products that enable your organisation to:

  • 1. Capture health and health-related information from everyone involved
  • 2. Share that information in a meaningful way among everyone in the care process
  • 3. Analyze and understand all of the information, structured and unstructured
  • 4. Act on that understanding to drive improvements in care and efficiency

As an InterSystems Implementation Partner, Grapevine can help your organisation to design, implement and support your HealthShare solutions.

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RoboDJ – DSM Database Replication

RoboDJ, Grapevine's data replication product is used to replicate Patient Information to multiple Caché databases.

RoboDJ™ provides the following features and benefits:
  • Configures both source and target database systems.
  • Replicates DSM data to multiple Caché databases on different servers.
  • Assists in platform migration and data migration from MUMPS to Caché.
  • Provides a powerful back-up to legacy systems.
  • Legacy data can be mapped to relational views enabling SQL query access.
  • Enables other systems to access legacy information using ODBC or Web Services.

Read RoboDJ brochure.

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PMI Inquiry

PMI Inquiry can be used to access Patient Demographic Information or Episode History details from legacy DSM or Caché based Patient Administration Systems.

PMI Inquiry can be customised to meet most client requirements.

Key Features

PMI Inquiry Search Options include the following demographic fields:

  • Medical Record Number
  • Surname
  • Forename
  • Sex
  • Address
  • Date of Birth
  • Age (plus or minus ranges)

PMI Inquiry can be installed on any Windows platform.
PMI Inquiry can be connected to any MUMPS, Caché or SQL Server database system.

Read PMI Inquiry brochure.

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