Ireland's new postcode system Eircode launched on 13th July 2015.

As an Approved Provider Grapevine are uniquely positioned to help your business and customers benefit from using Eircode.
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What is an Eircode?
  • An Eircode will identify an individual address – rural or urban - and help show exactly where it is located, unlike other countries, where postcodes define clusters or groups of addresses. It is much more than just a postcode. It is a smart location code for all Irish addresses.
  • Each Eircode has seven-characters that are unique to each mailing address. The seven characters are divided into two parts – a Routing Key and a Unique Identifier.
A65 R2GF

Routing Key

Similar to postcodes in other countries, part of the Eircode design is to help the postal/logistics industry. For this reason, the first three characters (“Routing Key”) will be used to help sort mail but it is not directly linked to counties, towns or other geographic features. A Routing Key will be shared by many properties in an area, so will become familiar rather like the prefix on landline phone numbers.

Unique Identifier

The second part of the Eircode has four characters drawn from a carefully selected set of letters and numbers that identify each address. The Eircode design has a flexible structure with plenty of spare capacity. That means that it is future-proofed to allow for changes to buildings and new developments.

What are the benefits of using an Eircode?
For householders and the general public, having their own Eircode will:
  • Be useful to quickly and accurately identify where they live in the case of a medical emergency.
  • Make delivery of services and goods to households easier by having a unique Eircode indicate precisely where they live.
  • Enable them to more easily locate services near to them based on their unique Eircode (using smartphones or online services).
  • Help people – especially children and the elderly - with an easy, memorable way to provide their home address.
For businesses, benefits will include:
  • Improved logistics and distribution planning - an Eircode will accurately identify delivery and pick-up points. This is particularly useful for addresses without a number or name.
  • Knowing their customer’s unique Eircode will allow businesses to identify, organise and plan for customers based on their location.
  • Providing better and faster customer services making them more efficient and facilitating more ‘joined-up’ services to customers.
When will Eircodes be available?

Eircode was launched on 13th July 2015. Over 2.2 million homes and have all been assigned a unique code to their address.

When people receive their Eircode, they will not need to change their address. They will just add the Eircode whenever it is needed or useful, so it will be very easy to start using it straight away.

How can Grapevine help you prepare for Eircode 2015?

As an Eircode provider, Grapevine are uniquely positioned to help you get your business Eircode enabled.

Our key services include:
  • Eircode Readiness Assessment

    Grapevine can work with you to assess your Eircode implementation requirements, analyse your address data & plan your Eircode upgrade.

  • Address Matching

    Using the Eircode address database Grapevine can match your address data with the unique Eircode address records to identify matching address records, unmatched address records and invalid or incomplete address records in your system.

  • Append Eircodes to your Address Data

    Grapevine can automatically append Eircodes to your address data so that the new Eircode enabled records can be uploaded to your system.

  • Eircode Data Licensing

    As an Eircode provider, Grapevine can licence Eircode data for a variety of commercial uses.

  • Assisting with API Integration

    Grapevine can assist you in integrating API and JavaScript controls into your own business applications or website.

    • Find Eircode or Address
    • Eircode Lookup
    • Get Eircode ECAD Data
    • Verify Address and Eircode
Contact Details & Further Information

View the Eircode brochure here

For further information please contact Grapevine at +353 1 6218004 or email

More details on the new Eircode system can be found at