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Ireland's new postcode system Eircode launched on 13th July 2015.

As an Approved Provider, Grapevine are uniquely positioned to help your business and customers benefit from using Eircode.
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October 2016

Self Service roll-out to St. James's Hospital

Roll-out of the Patient Self Service check-in and patient calling system within the St. James's Hospital campus continued in 2016 with the addition of self service kiosks to the Diabetics department and the new Mercer’s Institute for Successful Aging (MISA) hospital. In addition to the self service kiosks already installed in the main outpatients department in 2015, the hospital has seen a rapid increase in the number of patients now using self check-in service for their outpatient appointments, freeing up hospital administration & clinical staff for other duties.

Further roll-outs are planned for both the GUIDE department and the new Hepatology department in Q4 2016. Other departments such as Physiotherapy are scheduled for early in 2017.

August 2016

eHealth Ireland Waiting List Challenge

In August 2016 the Minister for Health set eHealth Ireland a challenge, what can digital do in a short sharp way to assist in the reduction of times to access the healthcare system? This challenge goes to the heart of how the overall Irish healthcare system’s supply and demand can be optimised. The Minister’s challenge asked that eHealth Ireland considered how to;

  • 1. Enable a patient to see their referral in real time?
  • 2. Enable a patient to make administrative changes to their referral without having to attend a hospital?
  • 3. Create a reminder service for patient’s referrals?
  • 4. Use information on referrals to better manage capacity and demand across the system?
  • 5. Use digital to safely and efficiently manage the discharge process, so the patient is in the right setting at the right time?

Grapevine were delighted to be invited by HSE CIO (Richard Corbridge) to participate in the eHealth Ireland project to identify and propose solutions that could provide a platform to address some of the challenges identified.

The solution we proposed for the waiting list challenge is Defero. Defero was designed & developed to allow Hospitals to Reduce Patient Did Not Attend (DNA) rates & provide a timely, efficient and cost-effective system to communicate with both patients and staff. Defero offers Hospitals the tools to contact people on Waiting Lists or with long term appointments, and verify if they still require their appointment. This would help address three key areas that impact on accessing hospital services:

  • Validating Waiting Lists are accurate & up to date
  • Confirming Appointments are still required
  • Reallocating Cancelled or Rescheduled Appointments

Read more

September 2015

St. James's Hospital Implements Self Service in the Main Outpatients Department

St. James's continues to roll out Patient Self Service Check-in to additional departments throughout the hospital. The latest phase includes the main outpatient department which supports over 250 clinics in 6 Suites & 48 consultation rooms and sees over 500 outpatients per week. The response from patients & staff was very encouraging, with the majority of patients who used the kiosks found this to be a very positive experience, saving them time and for some, it was an ideal opportunity to update their contact details. Clinical staff also welcomed the convenience of being able to call patients forward from their consultation rooms saving time & allowing them to attend to more patients.

Plans are in place to continue the roll out of Patient Self Service Check-In to the remaining outpatient departments within the St James’s campus.

St. James's Hospital is the largest acute general hospital in the Republic of Ireland and is an academic teaching hospital for Trinity College. With 1,020 beds, a staff of 3,500 and almost 350,000 patients treated each year as Inpatients, Outpatients, Daycare and emergency departments, St. James's is one the busiest acute hospitals in the country. St. James's has also been selected to be the location for the new National Children’s Hospital.”

Click here to see the case study on Patient Self Services's use in St. James's Hospital.

August 2015

Defero continues to generate savings in St Vincent's University Hospital

Defero, since its deployment in 2010, has grown in usage and diversity in St Vincent's University Hospital. With 2-way messaging, patients can now text with ease to cancel/reschedule their appointment, allowing staff to target Waiting Lists. Since 2010 St Vincent's Hospital have seen an additional 52,000 patients that would have missed their appointment, generating savings of €4m. Outpatient reminders are still driving down DNA rates for St Vincent's who are one of the top performing hospitals with the least levels of patient no-shows.

Click here to see the case study on Defero's use in St. Vincent's University Hospital.

July 2015

Defero Version 2.0 Released

Defero Version 2.0, Grapevine Solutions's enterprise messaging solution is now available and includes many new features and improvements such as the new clinic interface module, system dashboard, message scheduling and new application design.

Please see here for further information about Defero.

June 2015

HSE Launches eHealth Ireland Website

17th June – The HSE today launched its eHealth Ireland website. This site has been developed by the Office of the Chief Information Officer within the HSE to provide information about the ongoing work in the delivery of eHealth in Ireland. Grapevine are working with Irish Healthcare providers to develop eHealth solutions that benefit patients, clinicians and administration staff.

Please see for further information in the eHealth strategy.

April 2015

St. James's Go-Live with Self Service Check-in and Patient Calling for Outpatient Registration

St. James's Hospital, Dublin have implemented a new Patient Self Service Check-in and Patient Calling solution for outpatient registration. As part of an open tender process, Grapevine Solutions and Jayex Technology were selected by the hospital to provide their Enlighten Self Service solution for all outpatient departments. The first phase of the project included check-in kiosks and patient calling screens in two outpatient departments. Phase two will include an additional six kiosks and patient calling screens for the hospitals main outpatient department.

In addition to Patient Self Service Check-in, the system was also required to allow patients provide contact information, update demographic details, and participate in structured surveys as designed and managed by St. James's Hospital staff. The solution was also required to dispense patient information, support way finding and provide feedback gathering initiatives to manage outpatient departments more efficiently.

Grapevine and Jayex worked closely with hospital administrative and medical staff to ensure a smooth introduction and better patient experience. Patients from all backgrounds and ages have adapted to the new system very quickly and appreciate they don’t have to queue at reception and have the opportunity to update their demographic information, such as mobile and home phone numbers.

St. James's Hospital is the largest acute general hospital in the Republic of Ireland and is an academic teaching hospital for Trinity College. With 1,020 beds, a staff of 3,500 and almost 350,000 patients treated each year as Inpatients, Outpatients, Daycare and emergency departments, St. James's is one the busiest acute hospitals in the country. St. James's has also been selected to be the location for the new National Children’s Hospital.

March 2015

Grapevine & Jayex selected by HSE to provide Outpatient Self-Registration in the HSE West North West area

Grapevine Solutions and Jayex Technology have been approved by the HSE to supply Outpatient Self-Registration and Patient Calling solution for the HSE’s West North West area. The joint submission by Grapevine and Jayex was ranked 1st out of all responses in terms of cost as part of an open tender, “HSE Framework Tender 3614/14 for Patient Self Registration”.

The HSE West North West group includes seven acute hospitals within the Galway, Letterkenny, Roscommon, Mayo and Sligo areas. Building on the recent successful implementation of Self Service Check-In at St. James's Hospital, both Grapevine and Jayex are delighted to have been selected by the HSE and look forward to rolling out their Enlighten Self Service solution to additional hospitals throughout Ireland.

January 2015

66% of people believe Ireland is ready for a National eHealth Ecosystem

At the 19th HISI Annual Conference, Grapevine Solutions provided two kiosks to collect information from delegates regarding the use of IT in the healthcare industry at present and how it can be used to improve patient outcomes and an opinion poll asking attendees if they think Ireland is ready for a national eHealth ecosystem? - to which 66% said yes and 34% said no.

For full details of the survey, click here.

October 2014

Quote MORE than 1,300 people a day are failing to keep their appointments at public hospital outpatient clinics ‐ despite lengthening queues to see a specialist. New figures reveal 39,243 "no-shows" in the course of one month – with more than one-fifth of return patients failing to turn up for appointments in some hospitals. The cost to the State of each outpatient appointment can be €163, which would mean a loss of around €211,900 a day.

Eilish O’Regan, 'Over 1,300 patients a day are no-shows for their hospital appointments',
Irish Independent, 14 July 2014, viewed 1 October 2014,
View the entire article here

Grapevine’s appointment reminder and alerting solution Defero has helped two of Ireland’s leading hospitals significantly reduce their DNA rates and save thousands of Euro every month. A spokeswoman for Temple St Children's Hospital said its non-attendance had gone down from 16.8pc in January to 14.2pc in May." All patients receive a text reminder four working days in advance of their appointment. We will be extending this service to ensure all parents and guardians receive two text reminders from August 1.

A spokesman for St Vincent's Hospital said it was "one of the best performing hospitals nationally on non-attendances with rates of around 9pc, down from 25.5pc in 2009.”

To find out more about Grapevine can help reduce your DNA rates, please click here.

July 2014

Grapevine healthcare self-service partner Jayex, recognised as a leading provider of healthcare self-service and patient flow management solutions, is enabling Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust to fast-track patient check-ins seamlessly from the entrance to the waiting area, in one of the largest deployments of its kind to date across Europe.

Read more

To find out more about self-service solutions please contact Grapevine Solutions at +353 1 6218004.

May 2014

St. Michael’s Hospital, Dun Laoghaire goes live with patient appointment reminders for outpatients and radiology appointments. St. Michael’s, part of the St. Vincent’s Healthcare Group selected Defero, Grapevine’s enterprise messaging solution to improve services to patients attending the hospital and to help reduce the number of missed appointments by sending timely reminders to patients shortly before their scheduled appointment. Patients can easily cancel or re-schedule their appointments be sending a text back to the hospital or contacting the hospital by phone.

March 2014

In 2013, An Post appointed Grapevine Solutions as their SEPA compliance partner for the National TV Licence System. The new SEPA compliant TV Licence System went live in November 2013, well ahead of the original February 2014 deadline set by the European Payments Council. Due to the volume and value of transactions processed each month, the new SEPA compliant system went through stringent testing by Grapevine, TV Licence Services and An Post’s banking provider, Bank of Ireland.

Quote As the IT services provider for the TV Licence system, Grapevine were well placed to manage all aspects of SEPA compliance and successfully designed, developed, tested and implemented the new system on time and within budget. With upwards of 100,000 direct debit transactions valued at over 1.5 million Euro per month, the TV Licence System is critical to An Post with no room for error. We were very pleased with the project outcome and being SEPA compliant four months ahead of the European Union deadline.”

Mary Harrahill
TV Licence Services Manager, An Post

Quote Grapevine’s development team worked closely with TV Licence Services to design a SEPA compliant solution that integrated seamlessly with the existing system, and provided new features and functions to cater for SEPA compliance. These included a new SEPA compliant XML interface to Bank of Ireland and a new .NET web application that allows staff to manage, monitor and report on direct debit customers and transactions.”

Terry Byrne
Managing Director, Grapevine Solutions

September 2013

Quote More than 20,000 public patients are not turning up for hospital outpatient appointments every month, despite ongoing delays of more than two years to see some specialists. The huge number of “no shows” highlights the ongoing lack of proper organisation behind the management of these outpatient waiting lists, which can leave people who need a specialist diagnosis languishing on long queues."

Eilish O’Regan 2013, 'Over 20,000 patients a month missing hospital appointments',
Irish Independent, September 18, viewed 19 September 2013,

Grapevine’s Enterprise Messaging Solution, Defero has helped a number of Irish Hospitals save thousands of Euro every month by significantly reducing the number of patient “no shows”. The HSE measure patient “no shows” using a Did Not Attend (DNA) rate. Hospitals that use Defero have reduced their DNA rates within days of go live, with some hospitals achieving reduction rates of 50% and higher.

June 2013

Congratulations to our client Grafton Group, whose Plumb Centre mobile App is the winner of Innovation in Mobile at the 9th Real IT Awards, London. It also merited a Highly Commended in the Project of the Year category. Available for iPhone and Android, Plumb Centre allows users to access plumbing and heating product information in any of their stores throughout Ireland, including technical manuals and stock levels. A judge commented: “Grafton have shown how an SME can help its customers first and foremost by the innovative use of technology.”

June 2013

Cappagh Hospital go live with NIMIS. Cappagh Hospital is one of the latest Irish hospitals to go live on the new HSE National Medical Imaging System (NIMIS). Grapevine’s NIMIS integration solution provides Cappagh with the capability to send patient information in Health Level Seven (HL7) format from the hospital’s Patient Information System (PAS) to NIMIS. As soon as patient information such as demographics or appointment details are updated on the PAS, the new interface automatically sends this information to NIMIS. Ensemble, Intersystem’s Application Integration Engine was used to implement the new interface to NIMIS and will be used to support other interfaces throughout the hospital.

Learn more

May 2013

Grafton Group have been short-listed for the Innovation in Mobile category of the 9th Real IT Awards to be held in London on the 18th June. The nomination is for Grafton’s new mobile application “Plumb Centre” which is available for iPhone and Android phones. This new application allows Grafton’s customers to remotely access plumbing and heating product information in any of their stores throughout Ireland. Customers can search for specific products or spare parts and locate the stores nearest to their location. Using Intersystems Caché database technology, Grapevine developed a suite of secure interfaces that search a central Caché database for the information required and return the information in JSONP format directly to the mobile application, all over a secure SSL connection between the phone and database server.

May 2013

Over 2500 delegates attend eHealth Week 2013 in Dublin’s National Convention Centre. Philip Deane of Grapevine Solutions discusses how patient self-service kiosks can improve efficiencies in hospitals, speed up patient registration and improve data quality by allowing patients to update their own demographic information.

Grapevine at eHealth Week 2013 Dublin
At eHealth Week 2013 Dublin, Philip Deane of Grapevine Solutions discusses Self-Service Kiosks

March 2013

Grapevine Solutions and Jayex Technology are delighted to announce a new exclusive partnership agreement whereby Grapevine will supply Jayex's Patient Self-Service product "Enlighten Professional" to healthcare providers in the Republic of Ireland. Patient self-service technology can revolutionise how your connect and interact with patients, automates routine interactions, improves efficiency and reduces operational costs.

March 2013

An Post go live with new MyStreams web portal for management and staff. MyStreams allows HR administrators, managers and staff to perform a variety of different functions, such as clocking in, clocking out, requesting leave and managing attendance information, all from a secure web portal. Working closely with the development team in An Post, Grapevine provided design and testing services for this critical HR system.

February 2013

St. Vincent’s Public Hospital implement automated appointment reminders for Radiology Appointments. As part of the continued expansion of Defero, Grapevine’s text message solution throughout the hospital, patients attending the Radiology department for appointments now receive automated appointment reminders by SMS. Patients can also respond to the hospital via text to request that their appointment be cancelled or rescheduled.

January 2013

Wexford General & South Tipperary General hospitals implement new Ensemble HL7 interface for Endoscopy. Developed in Ensemble this new HL7 interface transfers patient demographic information from the hospitals Patient Administration System to a new Endoscopy system (EndoRaad). Ensemble provides a central hub for the transfer of HL7 information between both internal and external hospital systems.

December 2012

An Post’s TV Licence database, which contains over 2 million customer records was originally designed to support customer address details in a single language. Working closely with the An Post TV Licence and IT departments, Grapevine re-engineered the existing Caché based system to store address information in both English and Irish. Customers address details are displayed according to the customer’s preferred language, across all web portals such as and on all printed correspondence.

November 2012

eircom’s new billing system integrated Wholesale Line Rental and Customer Retail systems As part of eircom’s rollout of new services for television, broadband, mobile and home phone, Grapevine designed and developed new interfaces within the Caché database systems for both Retail and Wholesale Line Rental. These interfaces provide customer information to the billing system via a secure web service as well as updating customer information received from the billing system.

October 2012

St Luke’s General Hospital, Kilkenny goes live with the new National Integrated Medical Imaging System (NIMIS). Grapevine Solutions PAS/NIMIS integration solution, based on Intersystems Ensemble technology and Grapevine database replication software was used to send patient data in Health Level Seven (HL7) format from the hospitals Patient Administration System (PAS) to the national NIMIS database. St. Luke’s Hospital is 2nd hospital in the HSE south east region to deploy Grapevine’s PAS/NIMIS solution. The solution will also be rolled out to two other hospitals in the south east region, Carlow and Wexford as well as to Cappagh Hospital, Dublin.

August 2012

Grapevine’s new Employee Retirement Administration product (ERA) goes live in An Post, Ireland’s national postal service. An Post Pension department used ERA to automatically calculate pension entitlements and generate employee benefit statements for over 9,000 employees. As well as ensuring An Post meets its pension obligations to produce annual benefit statements as set out by the Irish Pensions Board, ERA also allows An Post to meet requests from individual employees for up-to-date benefit statements. Future plans for ERA include catering for additional statement requirements, electronic delivery of statements and confidential statements.

March 2012

Cappagh Hospital select Grapevine’s Ensemble NIMIS integration solution. Cappagh Hospital will be connected to the National Medical Imaging System (NIMIS) that is being rolled out by the HSE over a 3-year period. Grapevine’s NIMIS integration solution provides hospitals with the capability to send patient information in Health Level Seven (HL7) format from the hospitals Patient Information System (PAS) to NIMIS. It is expected that Cappagh Hospital will be connected to NIMIS towards the end of 2012.

January 2012

St. James's Hospital deploys Grapevine’s RoboDJ database replication solution. St. James's Hospital, one or Ireland’s major healthcare providers required a new solution to replicate all data transactions from the Patient Administration System (PAS) to their Management Information Systems (MIS) database. Grapevine’s RoboDJ replication software is used by a number of other healthcare providers and was the ideal solution to cater for the high volumes of data that is generated by the hospitals PAS and needed to be replicated in real time to their MIS system.

November 2011

Grapevine Solutions, Dublin, Ireland – 25th November 2011 – Grapevine Solutions announced today it has achieved Silver Certification from Microsoft® in Web Development.
To earn Silver Certification, Grapevine Solutions had to meet rigorous standards for Web Development competency set forth by Microsoft which enables partners to better serve customer requirements.

As a Microsoft Silver Competency Partner in Web Development, Grapevine Solutions has met the requirements for attaining a unique expertise aligned to the competency. Microsoft Silver level status provides Grapevine Solutions with access to comprehensive marketing, sales, technical, and support services benefits that will enable them to serve the technology needs of joint prospective customers.

October 2011

Grapevine Solutions have been appointed by An Post to supply Microsoft .NET and SQL Server support and development services for their Streams Payroll & HR System.
Streams is An Post’s main in-house system for the management of employee attendance, roster and costing information. This is a critical business system that operates 24x7 and has over 800 registered users. An Post is a major commercial organization providing a wide range of services which encompass postal, communication, retail and money transmission services. It is one of Ireland's largest companies directly employing over 9,500 people through its national network of retail, processing and delivery points.

September 2011

Children's University Hospital, Temple Street use Grapevine’s text message solution Defero for emergency alerts.
Defero was installed in 2010 to automatically send text message reminders to patients for the upcoming hospital appointments and to help the hospital reduce it’s Did Not Attend (DNA) rates. Use of the Defero system was extended to allow hospital administrators send emergency text alerts to hospital staff or patients. Staff can respond by text which is picked up by the administrator who can then make decisions based on which staff are available to respond to the emergency situations.

May 2011

Grapevine Solutions products and services are now available through Microsoft Pinpoint.
Pinpoint is Microsoft’s global search engine for finding software applications and services that solve specific business issues. Grapevine products are built using Microsoft software development tools, integrate with Microsoft desktop products and are available for all Microsoft desktops and servers.

March 2011

An Post and Grapevine agree 2-year service level agreement. This new agreement covers the support and software development services for all systems using Intersystem's Caché database technology including the TV Licence System, Payroll applications, HR web services, Business Objects Reports and Grapevine’s new Pensions Benefit Statement application.

February 2011

Grapevine signs new support and development agreement with eircom plc. Grapevine has been working closely with eircom since 1998 providing software development and consultancy services for their Directory Enquiry, National Directory database and Wholesale Line Rental systems. This new 2-year agreement covers both application support and software development services and is a tribute to the long standing relationship between Grapevine and eircom.

St Vincent’s University Hospital receives special commendation at the 2010 Astellas CHANGING TOMORROW™ Awards. St Vincent’s University Hospital uses Grapevine’s Defero enterprise messaging product to send appointment reminders for its outpatient clinics. Since 2009 the hospital has achieved significant success in reducing DNA rates to a record low of 10.5% (February 2011) and reducing hospital costs. This special commendation at the Astellas awards is the 2nd commendation in two years that recognises the hospitals achievements and success in reducing DNA rates, improving patient services and reducing hospital costs.

St. Vincent’s University Hospital reduces DNA rate to 10.5% resulting in massive cost savings.
St. Vincent’s University Hospital has been using Grapevine’s Defero product since early 2009 to send automated appointment reminders to patients and to try to reduce the hospital’s DNA rate from just over 24% to the HSE target of 10%. Since 2009 the introduction of Defero has seen the hospital’s DNA rate fallen from an initial 20.4% in 2009 to 10.5% in February 2011. As well as providing a better quality service to its patients, the hospital has reduced the cost of missed appointments from over €2 million per annum to just over €1.3 million providing massive savings annually.

January 2011

Grapevine provides HL7 integration solution for the HSE NIMIS project. The HSE launched the National Integrated Medical Imaging System (NIMIS) project in 2010. NIMIS is providing state of the art electronic radiology systems for Irish hospitals. NIMIS will make Ireland’s radiological services ‘filmless’ and enable secure and rapid movement of patient image data throughout the health service. As part of this project Grapevine has provided Waterford Regional Hospital with an Ensemble based solution that automatically transfers patient information in HL7 format from the hospitals Patient Administration System (PAS) to the NIMIS national database servers. New patient details and changes to existing patient information are automatically transferred to NIMIS as soon as they are updated on the PAS.

December 2010

Grapevine partners with Microsoft through their Microsoft Partner Network. Grapevine has been using Microsoft technologies for software development, application deployment and business intelligence since 1996. Joining the new Microsoft Partner Network formalises our previous relationship with Microsoft and ensures that Grapevine provides its customers with high quality business solutions and services using the latest Microsoft applications and technologies.

November 2010

Grapevine will be showcasing Defero our Text Messaging Solution for Healthcare Providers at this year’s Health Informatics Society of Ireland (HISI) conference to be held in the Stillorgan Park Hotel on November 17th and 18th.
If you are interested implementing a proven text message solution and want to reduce your missed appointment rates you can visit us at stand 22 and we’d be happy to discuss your requirements with you.

October 2010

An Post roll out new reporting solution to Payroll, Pensions and HR users.
Grapevine Solutions working with An Post’s IT department have rolled out a new reporting solution using SAP Business Objects XI and Crystal Reports XI products. This new implementation replaces the existing solution which was based on Seagate Info and Crystal Reports 8. Over 100 users throughout An Post have secure access to a wide variety operational and statistical reports. All reports are designed to allow access to information that the user is permitted to view.

September 2010

Defero version 1.2 is now available.
Grapevine’s latest version of Defero is now available as a production release. Since Defero’s first release in 2009 major healthcare providers have benefited from its rich list of features and functions.

Version 1.2 now includes the following new improvements:

  • support for two-way messaging with automatic text response processing,
  • response notification email service to notify you when responses have been received,
  • option to re-send text messages,
  • automatic message archive and much more.
August 2010

St. Vincent’s University Hospital who have been using Defero for the past 12 months reported in August that their “Did Not Attend” (DNA) rates have decreased by over 50% since the introduction of appointment reminders via text message using Grapevine’s defero product. Before Defero was introduced the hospital's DNA rate was averaging approximately 24% annually and has now been reduced to less then 12%. This significant decrease has helped improve patient care and reduced hospital administration effort and costs.

July 2010

An Post Pensions Department go live with new Pensions Benefit Statement Application.
Grapevine Solutions developed a new application that allows An Post Pensions Administrators to automatically generate annual pension benefit statements for over 8000 employees on demand. Every employee is entitled to an annual benefit statement under national pension guidelines and this new system allows An Post to produce these statements in a matter hours. Previously this task would have taken many weeks and required major effort by pension department staff to work out the benefits for each employee. The new system also allows additional pension service and benefits information to be recorded against each employee and used in the benefit statement calculation.

May 2010

The Children´s University Hospital (better known as “Temple Street”), one of Ireland’s major children’s hospitals selects Defero as its text message solution for all outpatient appointment reminders. Temple Street has over 30 outpatient clinics and caters over 65,000 outpatient appointments annually. Using Defero’s Automated Message API the hospitals Patient Administration System was integrated with Defero to provide automated text message appointment reminders for all clinics.

January 2010

An Post is one of Ireland’s largest companies directly employing over 9,500 employee. HAPPI, Grapevine’s Payroll & HR Data Warehouse product was selected to meet An Post’s requirement to provide access to different types of employee information throughout the organization. Using HAPPI’s Caché database engine Grapevine developed a suite of Web Services that could be called by other systems to retrieve employee Payroll and HR information directly from HAPPI securely and efficiently. Access to this information is tightly controlled and only authorized applications can access the web services. This new system also ensures that information is provided in a standard format regardless of which system is requesting it and other systems do not have to develop their own interfaces to access or extract this information.

November 2009

Grapevine showcase their new Defero product at the 2009 Health Informatics Society of Ireland annual conference held in the Stillorgan Park Hotel, Dublin.

October 2009

Grapevine Defero product receives commendation at the 2009 Healthcare Awards. This year's Healthcare Awards, sponsored by the Irish Medical Times (IMT), featured Grapevine Solutions messaging product, “Defero” in conjunction with St Vincent´s Healthcare Group. The collaboration was awarded a commendation in the category “Best Use of IT”.

Healthcare Award 2009 photo

Pictured here at the IMT's Healthcare Awards 2009 for "Best Use of IT" is (left to right):
Howard Beggs of Helix Health (Sponsors) presenting the Commendation Award to Dermot Cullinan – IT Manager St. Vincent´s Healthcare Group, Martina Corcoran – Project Manager, St. Vincent´s Healthcare Group and Terry Byrne – Managing Director of Grapevine Solutions Ltd.

August 2009

St. Vincent's University Hospital use Grapevine's Defero Product to reduce patient Did Not Attends (DNA´s). Grapevine Solutions latest product offering "Defero" is an advance notification system that can send Text Messages (SMS) and Emails to your customers, staff and clients.

Defero also supports incoming messages and includes a contacts database, reports and many other features to help interface with your existing customer databases. St. Vincent's University Hospital use Defero to send appointment reminders to patients to help reduce the number of patients that do not attend or fail to cancel appointments.

To date the system has reduced "Did Not Attend or DNA's" by as much as 30%, resulting in major cost savings and improving patient appointment times. Future plans include using Defero for sending emergency alerts to Hospital Staff and contacting Nursing Staff for staff rostering.

May 2009

St. Vincent's University Hospital Upgrade Replicated Patient Administration System (PAS) Database to latest version of Caché Technology on a secure Windows 2003 clustered platform.
St. Vincent's University Hospital replicates it's legacy PAS data to a state of the art Caché database to provide relational access to this data for many systems, including MIS reports, Cancer Care and Labs.

In 2009 Grapevine Solutions Ltd implemented a new high availability solution for the hospital’s Caché environment which provides access to critical patient information for other hospital systems. The solution, designed and implemented by Grapevine Solutions Ltd, consisted of a Caché clustered database environment with automatic failover providing 24x7availability. The new system also included enhanced security features and database monitoring procedures.

Grapevine Solutions RoboDJ replication and indexing products are used to keep the Caché replicated database up to date with real-time updates. The latest addition to this system was to upgrade to the latest version of Caché on a new Windows Cluster server.
This ensures that this key replicated database is available at all times.

October 2008

Dublin City Council implement a major upgrade of it's HAPPI systems supplied by Grapevine Solutions. As well as playing a key role in the weekly payroll processing for over 1000 remote employees, HAPPI has become a key provider of Payroll, HR and costing information to various departments within Dublin City Council.

This upgrade completed by Grapevine and Fujitsu utilises that latest Caché database technology along with the latest Solaris 10 virtual server technology to provide a disaster recovery at every level of the system architecture.

March 2008

An Post has launched a new on-line service to buy or renew your TV Licence from the An Post Television Licence web site This new service was developed by An Post in conjunction with Grapevine Solutions Ltd, An Post's Caché technology partner.
The new service was piloted in December 2007, and officially launched in March 2008 by Minister for Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources, Eamon Ryan.

TV Licence photo

Seen here at the launch of is:
Mary Harrihill – Manager of TV License Services in An Post, Eamon Ryan – Minister of Communication, Energy and Natural Resources and Philip Deane of Grapevine Solutions Ltd.
December 2007

An Post use HAPPI system to automatically generate Employee Benefit Statements for it's 8000 employees.
Grapevine Solutions developed a new "Employee Benefit Statement" Module" for it's HAPPI product which allows companies to calculate and generate a pensions benefit statements for it's employees.
An Post are the first larger client to provide this service.
For further details please contact Grapevine at 353 1 6218004.

May 2007

Using Regulator32 to capture detailed payroll, costing and HR data Dublin City Council reached a milestone of over 76 pay groups covering over 1000 employees.
Dublin City Council deployed Regulator32 and HAPPI to capture and archive detailed Payroll, HR and costing information across the councils remote sites.
For further details please contact Grapevine at 353 1 6218004.

March 2007

Grapevine Solutions sister company Grapevine Mobile Limited comes 3rd place in Intersystems Caché Innovator Awards with their PRIVATEXT product at Intersystems DEVCON 2007 event held in Orlando Florida.

August 2006

Grapevine Solutions have developed a new IT system for Eircom to allow X-Directory customers to be un-subscribed from Direct Marketing companies own databases.
Previously X-Directory customers details were confidential, however only telephone numbers are used to update Direct Marketing companies databases.
For further details contact Grapevine at 353 1 6218004.

May 2006

An Post Payroll, Pensions and HR departments have been using Grapevine's HAPPI product for many years. The latest addition to this product for An Post is a new pilot Pensions Benefit Statement system that uses archived payroll details in HAPPI along with real time employee information to produce statutory benefit statements on demand.
For further details contact Grapevine at 353 1 6218004.

December 2005

Using Grapevine's HAPPI database along with a suite of Crystal Reports developed by Grapevine Solutions and rolled out to users using Crystal Decisions Seagate Info product, An Post payroll managers and staff have access to real-time payroll information within a matter of minutes using web access to the central HAPPI servers.
For more details contact Grapevine on 353 1 6218004.

September 2005

Grapevine Solutions form new company "Grapevine Mobile Limited". Grapevine Mobile will design, develop, market and sell leading edge mobile phone products that will satisfy the demands for mobile services such as secure messaging, directory enquiries and much more.

August 2005

Grapevine Solutions completes development of a new Wholesale Line Rental system for Eircom. This new system is key to Eircom providing a single billing system for all fixed line customers.

May 2005

Grapevine Solutions introduce a new range of mobile phone products that will solve the inability of mobile phones to provide a secure messaging system. Grapevine's new product range contains products for both business and private use.

September 2004

Grapevine Solutions joins IBM Business Partner program. As an independent software vendor and IBM Business Partner Grapevine Solutions can bring together its own products and services with IBM's range of products and services to provide full range of solutions to our customers.

March 2004

Ensemble Expose, Jurys Westbury, 11th March 2004. Intersystems and Grapevine Solutions host an Ensemble expose to provide information on Enterprise Application Integration and how Intersystems new product Ensemble can make integration faster, simpler and more cost-effective.

November 2003

Grapevine Solutions became Intersystems first Irish Systems Integration Partner for Ensemble. Grapevine will provide consultancy services, including design, development and implementation of Ensemble solutions.

October 2003

Intersystems launch Ensemble, their new Enterprise Application Integration product. Ensemble is a comprehensive and architecturally consistent Universal Integration Platform that enables exceptionally fast integration and extremely rapid composite application development. Ensemble excels at building and deploying new business solutions that integrate data, orchestrate processes, and enhance the value of existing applications.
Ensemble gives you the power to handle a full range of application integration projects, from the complex to the simple, with ease.

April 2003

Dublin City Council go live with HAPPI and Regulator32.
As an initial element of a Job Costing Solution for Dublin City Council, Grapevine's HAPPI™ Data Warehouse has recently gone live for Wages Payroll Data at the Council.
This is a key first step in providing a modern, detailed and flexible Job costing solution in this organisation and represents the fruition of a great deal of effort and commitment from both parties. By making available the Wages data from the Cyborg Payroll system through the technology of Grapevine's powerful data warehouse product, tasks like benchmarking estimations, retrospection calculations and management reporting are greatly simplified.
The next phase of the implementation, the Regulator32™ Distributed Data Entry Module, is in final user acceptance at present and is expected to go live very shortly. Further enhancements are also planned. Watch this space for further news!