St. Vincent's University Hospital

St Vincent's University Hospital is a major academic teaching hospital, affiliated to University College Dublin.

Grapevine has worked closely with St. Vincent's University Hospital over the years supporting and maintaining the Caché Database environments for both public and private hospitals.

In 2009 Grapevine Solutions Ltd implemented a new high availability solution for the hospital’s Caché environment which provides access to critical patient information for other hospital systems. The solution, designed and implemented by Grapevine Solutions Ltd, consisted of a Caché clustered database environment with automatic failover providing 24x7 availability. The new system also included enhanced security features and database monitoring procedures.

RoboDJ, our database replication product, is used to replicate both public and private Patient Information Systems data to multiple Caché databases.

Defero, since 1st introduced in 2010, continues to drive down Did Not Attend (DNA) rates generating savings of €4m to date. With patients able to cancel/reschedule their appointments by text Defero, with its many features, allows staff manage all text messaging in one east to use application.

View the case study on how Defero benefits St. Vincent's University Hospital



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